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  • nick,

    your garden hive construction guide is beautifully done. very clear and easy to follow.

    some one with little or no wood working skills (such as myself) could easily build the warre garden hive using this guide.

    the photography is wonderful and really clears up many questions left from looking at all the computer or hand drawn plans online.

    thank you for all your hard work putting this great resource together.

    jeff hartman
    new freedom, pa

    Jeff Hartman and His Warre Beehives

    jeff hartman
  • Hi Nick,

    Thank you so much for the copy of the construction guide, you have done a first class job the photographs and descriptions made the roof construction a piece of cake.

    I have just completed my first one and it looks fine, I am now waiting for my first swarm to take up residence.

    Your photographs and detailed explanations cover all the angles and make the building of the hive an enjoyable and stress free experience, I am unable to find anything to criticise.

    Please feel free to use any of my observations, I am only to happy to help promote this most useful publication and further the cause of the Warre system of beekeeping.

    Best wishes,

    Barry in the UK
  • Nick,
    Phil Chandler

    You have done a great job of putting together a superbly clear and well-written building manual for the Warré hive.

    Anyone capable of wielding a saw and a hammer will find this guide invaluable - particularly the very clear photographs - and you make it all very easy to follow with step-by step instructions.

    I see you have also included diagrams that expert woodworkers can use - and some great bonuses!

    I recommend this publication to anyone thinking of building a vertical top bar hive - nothing else I have seen comes close.

    Phil Chandler - Author of The Barefoot Beekeeper
  • Thanks for the Warre hive plans. I have finally made the hive that I've been putting off for too long.

    The plans were simple and easy to read and they made making the hive very easy. I like the step-by-step photos.

    In one weekend (with some interruptions) I was able to make a hive with two boxes. Now all I need is the bees!

    Galen Kreiser
  • The garden hive instruction book is great. I am starting to build a new hive now for next spring starting a new hive. I may even build two of these

    Thanks for the great instructions.

    George Baker
  • Thanks for the Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0. Very well done.

    Think that even I can follow these directions. Great detail with pictures. You did not miss a trick.

    Truly a wonderful piece of work. Thank you again. God Bless.

    Brian & Lynda Lou Sedlack
  • Hi Nick

    Great package. Very easy to understand.

    I'm looking forward to building my first hive. Great "extras" too.

    Much appreciated. Thank you.

    Tony Wake
  • I found the plans and all the extras very useful indeed. Nothing too complicated for the unskilled, and easy to follow. Building a Warré hive is on my list of things to do ready for next Spring.

    Many thanks


    Richard Lucas
  • just purchased the wood for my Warre hive today. will be blogging about constructing the hive based on your plans. am flanked with a pantheon of master carpenters and boat builders for neighbors in my neck of Maine.

    but expect, given the clarity of your design plans to be able to build my hive without forking over any compensatory cases of beer to my neighbors.

    work in in progress.....

    the Luddite
  • Nick,

    My husband and I are just starting beekeeping. We had done some research and built a horizontal top bar hive. This took several days and turned out fine but the plans were a little difficult to follow. Then I came across your plans for the Warre Hive and decided to try this. Yesterday afternoon we put together 5 hive boxes and will complete the roof and base today.

    The plans are great, clear, and concise. The pictures are wonderful. We used cedar and will leave it natural. Tomorrow we will introduce a package of bees in each hive. We are excited and look forward to starting.

    Your plans, pictures and web site were so very helpful and helped to fuel our excitement. We will continue to follow your website as we go.

    We hope to see plans for a feeder for the bees. Thanks so much.

    Duane & Teressa Anderson

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